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Late last month I fell and twisted my left foot badly...heard a pop, then felt as if something like a strap had come loose on the inside of my foot. As I looked down at my swelling foot I said to nobody in particular, "And I'm supposed to preach tomorrow!" By the time I got home the pain was excruciating and I couldn't put any pressure on my foot. It felt as if the bones were separated and my ankle would not support my weight.

The pain continued to grow worse through the night, so much so that at 12:30 a.m. I called and woke my Pastor to let him know what had happened so that he could prepare himself to minister that morning. However, I still believed that God could do a miracle. I prayed, asking the Lord to heal me and allow me to preach the message I had prepared.

At 4:30 a.m. I heard in my spirit "healing as you go", and remembered the ten lepers who went to Jesus to be healed. He had told them to go and show themselves to the priest, and it was as they went in obedience they were healed. I put my foot on the floor, and could literally feel the swelling in the sole going down and the pain subsiding. As I walked I worshiped because this was the miracle that I had prayed for!  So I got dressed...complete with heels....went to church and stood for about 2 hours worshiping and preaching, during which time my foot felt weird, but there was no pain.

For several days after that the pain was minimal as long as I kept the foot elevated, and the swelling even began to subside somewhat, so I assumed that it had just been badly wrenched. I made sure not to put pressure on it to aggravate it. However by the next weekend the pain and swelling increased so I went to have it x-rayed, and was told that when I fell the foot was broken (that was the pop I had heard), and I had torn some ligaments. Yes.........I had preached on a broken foot!

It was put in a cast and I was instructed to use crutches. The doctor said that because of my age it would take longer than usual for the bone to heal.. (I restrained myself from telling him that he didn't know the God I serve, who had already done a miracle for me.) The doctor estimated that I would have to wear the cast for about 4 weeks, and gave me an appointment to come back for a follow up x-ray and consultation in 2 1/2 weeks. I, however, believed that God could do the impossible just as He had done on that Sunday. When I got home I found a Scripture that was appropriate for my condition and began declaring it over my foot every day, several times a day, like medicine....

"Many are the afflictions of the righteous,
But the Lord delivers him out of them all.
He guards all his bones;
Not one of them is broken." (Psalm 34:19-20)

About 5 days later I felt an intense heat in my foot...both on the inside and on the outside...yet it wasn't painful. Then I literally felt a Hand inside the cast massaging the sole in small circular motions... moving from the base of my toes down one side of the foot and up the other side. Then the Hand moved to the instep and massaged the areas where the ligaments had been torn. This lasted for about 40-45 minutes during which time I remained still and worshiped. The sensation of the heat happened again on two more occasions, both while I was at church.

When I returned 2 1/2 weeks later and did the follow up x-ray the difference could clearly be seen on the films. The first one had shown the bone sticking out, but in the second x-ray the bone was straight, and you had to look carefully to see where the break had occurred. The doctor said that I didn't need the cast anymore, and had it removed!! The only instruction that he gave was that I should continue to use the crutches for about another week and then gradually bear weight on the left foot as I felt comfortable.

The next day I attended our regular Friday night evangelistic and healing service, walking into the sanctuary without the cast but using the crutches as I had been instructed. However, during worship I found myself bearing weight on my left foot, without any discomfort. As the worship continued I had the same sensation that I had felt on the Sunday morning a few weeks earlier.....the swelling began to go down much so that I was able to walk with some assistance across the back of the sanctuary!!

I am now completely off the crutches and walking on my own. There is no natural explanation for the miracle on that Sunday morning or the subsequent accelerated healing of this "older person's" broken foot. However, there is certainly a spiritual answer. The same God who healed the sick and raised the dead...the God who opened blinded eyes and caused the lame to walk...that same God is as alive and as powerful as He ever was! He is no respecter of persons.  He healed me and He can heal you also!!

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; 
they shall mount up with wings as eagles; 
they shall run, and not be weary; 
and they shall walk, and not faint.
Isaiah 40:31


  1. I love how God enabled you to preach on that broken foot without pain...and then healed you so quickly! Our God is an amazing God, isn't He? Thanks for sharing this beautiful encouragement!

  2. I am amazed at our wonderful God who comes to do special therapy and massage as he healed you.

    Jesus is the healer and he is the same today as yesterday. Thank you for sharing your beautiful miracle with us here at "Tell Me a Story."

    Years ago a man gave his testimony at our church how he was healed from homosexuality as he felt a hand go into his head and turn his reprobate mind around to be normal.

  3. Our God is truly awesome I am so glad God healed you. We need more testimonies of God healing power

  4. "There is no natural explanation for the miracle...." That is so right! No human answer will ever surround our God. He is Almighty God and the Healer. What a powerful testimony and so grateful that you were just before me @ "Thought-Provoking Thursday".
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

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  6. Praise be to God!!

    Thank you for linking up with Woman to Woman's Word Filled Wednesday. God bless.

  7. Audrey, so lovely to "meet you" today! I love it when God shows up and reminds us that He can do anything. He is not limited by our perceptions or time or space or the laws of medicine. Beautiful story! Thanks for sharing it with Thought-Provoking Thursday. :)

  8. Audrey, the wonders of God defy the logic of man. Such a great testimony of his healing power. Thanks for sharing with The Friday Five Fellowship.

  9. Yes, God heals and works actively in our lives. Thanks for sharing your story. Abundant blessings!

  10. This is so awesome! God is ALIVE and with us, and I love these stories of the miraculous. Thanks for sharing, it increases our faith!

  11. Hi Audrey! I am coming over from Wanda's Friday Five.
    Wow, what a powerful message you have for us today! I bet this will be a topic for your next preaching assignment. We all need to hear the stories of wonder and healing because it's too easy to think that the God who heals this way belongs in the Bible. Not in our 'everyday life.'

    Great to meet you!

  12. What a fabulous story! Your faith and the amazing grace of God shines through powerfully here!
    Thanks for sharing at Essential Fridays.
    Mel from Essential Thing Devotions


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