Tuesday, December 20, 2011


And Mary said: “My soul magnifies the Lord,
And my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior.
For He has regarded the lowly state of His maidservant;
For behold, henceforth all generations will call me blessed…”
Luke 1:46-48

This is the season when people are excited about opening those festive looking packages to see what special gift has been selected and wrapped just for them. It’s a time when gift giving and receiving is on just about everyone’s mind. There are some, however – the ones that God gives – that often don’t look like good gifts to the natural eye, because they don’t come in beautiful wrapping. God’s gifts are often intangible, and He covers His special presents in ways that are most unusual.

At this time of year the world sets a stage for us that often does not match what we are experiencing in our own lives. We are bombarded by commercials and shows about people having wonderful gatherings and other festivities. All the while some of us look forward to yet another time alone. Even if we are in the company of family and friends, we can feel alone and lonely. Depression is high during this season.

But this feeling of aloneness is one of God’s most precious gifts. Oftentimes He Himself will orchestrate those solitary times. Why? Our Father, in His love and wisdom, knows that the greatest gift that we could have is a close relationship with Him. Times of aloneness and loneliness are opportunities for us to draw ever closer to Him…to reach out to Him for the kind of comfort, love and support that no human could possibly give to us.

The world system is so magnetic that we don’t realize how attracted we can become to it. This can lead to dependence on what we can see, hear, and touch. But God desires that we embrace His kingdom – a kingdom that is not of this world, so He arranges times when the dependence on the world’s trappings is removed, howbeit temporarily, so that we can focus on what is truly important.

Think of Mary on that first Christmas. She was given a precious Gift – being chosen as the mother of Jesus Christ, God’s Son. But her gift came wrapped in isolation, suspicion, gossip and even threats as people in her village found out that she was unwed and pregnant. I am sure that Mary felt alone and lonely during those times, even with Joseph by her side. There was no one else who could identify with what she was going through…no one, that is, but God Himself. Thankfully she embraced that Gift fully and clung to the Father, and we have all benefited from her willingness to do so.

Two thousand years ago, while all of Jerusalem and Bethlehem were preoccupied with the activities of the census, God sent His Greatest Gift – the King of kings – hidden in the strangest of packaging…
  • His King-sized bed was a feeding trough for animals
  • His birthplace and first throne room was a cave in a field.
  • It wasn’t the skilled hands of a doctor or midwife, but the rough, shaky hands of a carpenter that held Him as He took His first breath
  • His first visitors were not the elite, but the lowest in society – shepherds who had been tending their flocks
Nothing in the coming of Christ was beautifully wrapped.

Yet this most precious Gift was the Saviour of all mankind!

Has God given you an unexpected and unusual present this season? Has it come in a wrapping of pain, solitude, uncertainty of the future, or loss of a dear one? Will you ask the Lord to help you look beyond the “packaging” so that you can see the treasure that He has given to you?

Have a God-filled Christmas - full of the Father’s eternal gifts of love, peace and joy!


  1. Awwww this was just what my spirit needed :-)
    Thank you.

  2. A God-filled Christmas. I like how that is worded. It is good to keep being reminded of where my focus needs to be. Thank you for doing that.

  3. God told me before when I was up to my neck in challenges, that all was a gift. His gifts and blessings sometimes come in disguise and we need to open our eyes to see. A blessed Christmas to you and your family! Patsy from

  4. I love this perspective. That gift so long ago was the best gift anyone has ever received in the history of the world.


  5. I needed this encouragement.

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