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I thank my dear friend George for sharing this powerful testimony.

As a non-believer I lived a reckless life of partying, alcoholism and adultery. I had no time for my family, and got into considerable debt to support my lifestyle. Banks and lending institutions would approach me and give me loans, so there was not a time that I didn’t have money.  I remember once spending $15,000.00 in two weeks and had nothing to show for it.  It was all spent on women and alcohol, and on me to have a good time.  This happened on two other occasions when I had $13,000.00 and then $10,000.00, and again I had nothing to show for it. 

I would constantly lie to my wife about my whereabouts and activities. That was easy to do because of the type of job that I had and the position that I was in.  I used to drink so much, that no matter what kind or brand of alcohol that I drank, it had no effect on me.  Somehow I could not get drunk or feel high anymore.  My peers would rate me as the “best drinker” they knew.

I had owned three cars, and with each, had a near death experience. On each occasion I knew it was God who had saved me, and I would say to myself that I needed to give Him more of my time, but that never happened. I just continued drinking all the more each day.

At that time I attended a traditional church, and on Sunday mornings after church I would go home and drink without having any breakfast or lunch. I would drink all by myself.  I would tell myself that something is wrong with this and I would ask God to help me.  I knew that something was wrong, but I was incapable of changing on my own accord.

One day in 2001 my twin brother invited me to a service at Trinidad Christian Center. I refused. Nevertheless, two weeks later I felt in my heart that I had to attend this church. It was as though an audible voice was compelling me to do so. During that second week I found myself lying to all my friends, when they called and invited me to go out with them. I turned them all down saying that I was busy, even though I did not quite understand what was happening to me.  I know now that it was God who was preparing me for His good pleasure.

I decided to go that Sunday and my wife was delighted. I, too, surprisingly, was excited to attend. I even returned the following week. During this service something happened inside of me.

I no longer had the desire to drink alcohol, and I was eager to hear the Word of God preached!

The next Sunday, as the Pastor of the church was delivering the Word I felt my stomach become tied up into knots, and before I knew it I was in tears even before the call for Salvation was made. When the call for salvation was made I somehow was locked into a place alone with Jesus, and felt my legs taking me towards the altar. I remember saying the “sinner’s prayer” as I gave my heart to the Lord. I was broken and in tears. It seemed to me that Jesus had reached His hand inside of me and uprooted every dirty and ungodly thing! I knew that He had cleansed and delivered me from my sins, and I thank God for my deliverance from alcohol addiction and adultery and every other sin.

Today I cannot even bear the smell of alcohol. I feel sick when I do. God has done a complete work – Hallelujah! I used to watch these things on television and always doubted the truth of it, but the Lord has allowed it to happen to me. Now I know that Jesus is real, and there is no one else like Him! I thank God for my dear Pastor and Apostle who led me in to these blessings.

Since then my entire life has been restored and God has since blessed me with a much better relationship with my wife and daughter, a new home, a new car and so much else.

Now my family and I pray together, have fun and enjoy a God-filled relationship that we had longed for.  There is also a peace and joy within me, and within our home that could only have come from Jesus!

Today I can only give praise and worship unto my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  Only God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit could do what was done in my life.   

Praise the Lord!

To read his wife Allison's story please click on this link: 


  1. George,
    I am so happy for you that I am in tears. The Lord Jesus Christ is so awesome that I want to tell everyone about Him. I want to thank you for your testimony for it has inspired me.

    May God bless you and your family and keep everyone safely in His arms.

  2. Praise God. Alleluia. What a powerful testimony!
    Thank you so much for sharing this for Spiritual Sunday. All glory to God today and forever more.

  3. Hi George/Audrey,

    As a Christian man, I too know the awesome redemptive power of God's salvation, love and grace. Thank you for sharing your testimony. I pray that others will be inspired and encouraged to turn toward God.

    Blessings and grace.


  4. Glory to God! Awesome testimony and a much needed reminder that when it's time, it's time and God will draw us to Him no matter what the circumstance. Have a lovely Sunday.

  5. This is a awesome testimony! I love reading and witnessing how the Lord works in people life's.
    Thank-you for sharing his story, and hers.
    God Bless,

  6. Wow - what a powerful testimony George has! I'm so thankful he's willing to share it with others so that the news of the Lord's power can be spread far and wide.

    I love your picture of the tombstone. So sobering.

  7. This is such a powerful testimony. Thank you so much for sharing it with us all....and his wife's testimony too. God bless...

  8. What an Awesome testimony of the faithfulness of God, thank you for sharing.

  9. I shouted for joy when you said "I used to watch these things on television and always doubted the truth of it, but the Lord has allowed it to happen to me." I couldn't shout because my husband, a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, is sleeping in the other room. I was also rescued from the gutter of my misbehavior. Our God IS an awesome God. To rescue souls such as ours and to use us in His Kingdom - is the most incredible thing known to man.


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