Tuesday, March 2, 2010

INTIMACY WITH GOD - PART 8 - You in Him; He in You

“If you abide in Me, 
and My words abide in you, 
you will ask what you desire, 
and it shall be done for you.” 
John 15:7

This verse conveys the intensity of Jesus’ love for you when you engage in intimate union with Him.


As we discussed previously, abiding in Christ involves total surrender of your flesh and of your self-life. It is becoming completely immersed in everything that is of God. There is no putting on the Christian faith one day and then taking it off and living like a heathen on other days. There is no putting on a show in public while privately living a life that is different from what you profess. It is complete joyful abandonment to all that He is.


Jesus’ words are His commands, not His suggestions. His words are also His promises. When the Word of God lives in you it takes up residence in every area of your life. In other words, the Word is not a guest or a mere visitor to be used or entertained on occasion, at your convenience. Rather, the Word is the owner of your life, and you live by what the Word says.


When you abide in Christ and He abides in you, you relinquish your thoughts, your ways, your attitudes and your desires for higher ones – His. Understandably then, when you ask what you desire, you will be asking according to His will and not your own.

I cannot help but think of two lovers when I read this verse. Christ is the most passionate lover in the entire universe! After all, He is the Creator of true pure love!

Two people who are passionately in love live only to please the other! They cook each other’s favorite meals, buy their favorite fragrance, even sacrifice their own needs in deference to the other – all to keep the relationship fresh and vibrant by giving the other the desire of his/her heart.

Christ longs for intense intimate union with you. Do you crave the same with Him?

Picture Him – the One who is everything and owns everything – entering your house (your life). He is no guest here, so there’s no need to hide the 'dirty laundry' of your failures, or to sweep the 'dust' of your sin under the rug. Not at all! In fact He helps you to clean house and then keep it clean! What a lover!

See Him take off His outer garment and His shoes as He enters the ‘living room’ of your daily routines. Take a deep breath, knowing that the Master - Your Husband -  is at home and all is well. See Him freely roaming through the ‘bedroom’ of your heart where your innermost thoughts lie. He climbs into the ‘attic’ of your mind where forgotten memories, both good and bad, are tucked away. He enters the ‘basement’ where your unspoken desires are. In each room He speaks just the right word of instruction, correction or comfort - always with pure unconditional love. This is The Word abiding in you.

Hear Him finishing your sentences as only One who knows His lover intimately could! Before you call He will answer (Isaiah 65:24). Watch Him laugh when you laugh. It’s really His joy that you feel, and it gives you strength you didn’t know you had (Nehemiah 8:10)! See the tears in His eyes when you hurt, for truly He is touched by the feelings of your infirmities (Hebrews 4:15). Now sink into His arms, lay your head on His breast and listen to His heart until yours beats in cadence with His.

This is the way life could be if you abide in the Lord and His words abide in you. You live to please Him, and He lives to please you! You in Him, and He in You!

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  1. Audrey,
    The only requirement for us to abide in Christ seems so simple and easy. We only have to read and accept His words. This is much easier than starting and keeping a relationship with people.

    Great job!


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