Wednesday, February 3, 2010

INTIMACY WITH GOD - PART 3 - The Touch of Love

“I am the true vine, 
and My Father is the vinedresser. 
Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away…”
John 15: 1, 2

Picture this... You are a branch attached to a strong, sturdy Grapevine. However, you are a weak branch so you are trailing on the ground, unlike some of your fellow branches above you. Your outer bark is covered in dust, and when the rain falls the dust turns to mud. You really want to be like the other branches and produce some luscious grapes, but your leaves are not receiving enough sunlight or air, and you are stuck in the mud.

Along comes the Farmer – the Vinedresser – and He sees your condition. What does he do? He gently but firmly lifts you from the ground, washes you clean and ties you to a higher stake. He ties you in order to train you to grow in the direction that would give you the sunlight and air that you so desperately need in order to become fruitful.

When Jesus said that the Father takes away every branch that does not bear fruit, He was illustrating the loving touch of our Father when we are unproductive. The phrase “takes away” literally means “to raise up, elevate or lift up”.

Have you ever felt like that barren branch? Do you feel like that now? You are a Christian, and therefore you’re in Him, but you are stuck in the “dust” of carnality. It need not be sexual sin; it could be anything that prevents you from focusing on what God created you to be.

It is in these times that the Father – your Vinedresser – comes along and washes you with the water of His Word. He does not immediately cut you off from Himself and discard you because of your unfruitfulness. No, instead He corrects your position, lifting you up and limiting your movement. He causes you to have experiences that emphasize your total dependence on Him. He leads you to just the right Scripture or sends someone with just the right message at just the right time. All of this is to make you grow in the direction He wants for you.

God is a loving God of infinite second chances. He chastens those He loves, but at the same time He does everything to restore you to health so that you can be productive in Him. Your job is to yield to His corrective measures - whatever He uses to "tie" you and train you.

Once you adapt to your new position in Him and you begin grow in the right direction and produce fruit, the Vinedresser – your Father – returns with another touch of love…..

….to be continued.


  1. This is a wonderful word from God and it show us just how much He loves us. I needed to read this today for I have had the heaviness of the dirt on my branch. Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit.

  2. Ahh! To be loved by God our heavenly Father is a wondrous thing. Thank you Audrey for this new take on the "Father's take". It's good know that I'm not being 'cut' from the team but getting focused and individualized training from THE Personal Trainor.


  3. Very Interesting! Praise God for His Love and for His Wisdom!

  4. Sister, this is so wonderfully articulated. There is nothing left to the imagination. What an awesome God we serve.. I read this and saw my life, just the way He picked me up, washed me of and allowed me access to the nutrients of the sunlight.. the source sustainence.. how the same began to produce fruit.. Amen.. this is great.. Johnette

  5. Audrey what a blessing you are to me with the answers to my "wilderness" feelings. Now I understand what I am going through and how to enjoy His correction process. I can communicate with Him and feel His presence now and it is awesome!

    Thanks again.


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