Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Cry Behind The Cry

Irma’s sharp words shot across the room like bullets. Her face was creased in a deep scowl as she continued her barrage, knowing that she was hitting her mark with each blow, but not caring that she was inflicting wounds. Her husband Sam, the recipient of the onslaught, walked away in stony silence choosing to stifle his response rather than let loose his own arsenal.

How many Irmas have you met in your lifetime? Are you an ‘Irma’ yourself?

In the wilderness the Israelites became angry when things were uncomfortable and they blamed Moses for taking them out of Egypt. Moses in turn often became frustrated with them. But God heard the cry behind their cry – the sound behind their anger. It was a cry of panic, bewilderment and desperation. In His great love the Father answered and provided water for them.

We often criticize the children of Israel for their lack of faith in God. The truth is that they did not have an intimate personal relationship with their God as Moses did. They knew His works, but not His ways. How then, could they know that He was not as fickle as they were? How do you trust someone with whom you have little or no relationship, especially when you are in a frightening situation?

People are hurting, angry, afraid, depressed and frustrated. In their pain they cry out, and their cries often sound like angry words. This is a perfect time for the Body of Christ to manifest the image of God in the earth.

The next time you witness someone let loose a barrage of angry words would you ask God for the ability to hear the cry behind their cry? Would you be willing to allow the Father to use you as their “water in the wilderness”? Wouldn't you want someone to hear the cry behind your cry?

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