Friday, October 16, 2009

No Limits, No Boundaries

We love to sing that wonderful song by Israel Houghton, but do we really believe it? I hear The Lord saying, “Why do you limit Me to doing miracles that are similar to what you read of in the Bible? Do I not go from glory to glory? Am I not your Exceeding Great Reward? Am I not the Creator of all things? Why then, limit Me to a “Jericho experience” or a “five loaves and two fish” miracle? Can I, The Lord God Almighty, not do exceedingly above that? Therefore stop limiting your mind to the boundaries of yesteryear. Run after Me for all you’ve got. Notice I said run after Me – not after the things or the events – for I have hidden everything in Me. Run after Me, for in Me there are no limits, no boundaries.”

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