Thursday, September 10, 2009

Remember Judas

Everyone was born with a purpose, a specific function to perform. To you and me what may seem like a negative situation may not be so in God’s eyes.

Pharaoh was created by God, made ruler over Egypt, and was in place at the time when God told Moses to go to him and demand that the Hebrews be freed. However, God also orchestrated it that Pharaoh would stubbornly resist the very edict that He had given.

Another example is Judas. You remember him. He’s the one that we all like to look down on because he betrayed Jesus after being His disciple for three years! And he did it out of greed! How could he??!!

Well the reality is that Judas fulfilled a purpose – to betray Jesus for 30 thirty pieces of silver, (see Zechariah 11:12,13; Matthew 27:3-10 and John 13:18-27). Crazy you say? Well, consider this. Each time that Jesus encountered a demon possessed person He cast the demon out. However, when the devil himself entered Judas Jesus’ response was, “What you do, do quickly”. In other words He did not cast the devil out of Judas because He knew that Judas’ actions would trigger Jesus’ fulfillment of His purpose.

So the next time someone appears to you to be an enemy, just remember Judas, and know that they too were born to help you fulfill your destiny!

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