Monday, August 3, 2009

Reality or Just Reflection?

Picture this. You are sitting on the dock of a lake, looking over into the water at your reflection. You, in your position on the dock, are the truth; the image of yourself in the water is only a reflection of the truth you see, so it is not truth in itself but merely a fact.

Keep looking. There’s a gentle breeze that causes ripples on the water. Your reflection (the fact) becomes slightly distorted because of the outside forces. But you remain in your position above the water on the dock.

A boat on the lake speeds by sending waves in its wake. In the water you see yourself being tossed to and fro. But in reality you’re still in position above the circumstances.

The question is – do you live life according to what you see reflected, or do you live life from your God-ordained position? In God there is only one truth – you are seated above your circumstances. Facts are reflections of how you perceive your life. They are fickle and they change with the wind.

Live in the truth of who you are.

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