Thursday, August 27, 2009

In Hot Pursuit

There is a difference between going after God for something and going after God for God. The pursuit of God, especially in the midst of a tumultuous situation, should not be for the resolution of the thing, but for the increased knowledge and understanding of the One who trusted you with the situation in the first place. Yes, God trusts you with trouble!

In your single-minded pursuit of Him, God imparts to you an uncommon wisdom – a subtle knowing that empowers you to discern rightly and decide correctly. His wisdom becomes enlarged in you and the wisdom of God in you then causes first a change in you, then a change in your environment.

The Father is more interested in developing your character in Him than in filling your needs. His purpose for you is to bring you back to your original glory – to be His manifested image here on the earth. The only way that you can accomplish that is to know the One in whose image you were created; not knowing Him for what He does, but knowing Him for Who He is, how He thinks.

Do not be tempted to pray to God to relieve you of the stresses that challenge you. This is what the Israelites did under Moses’ leadership in the desert. They felt uncomfortable in their bodies and souls and they cried out for relief. God answered always, but not with Himself. They received the things that He had without ever receiving the Person that He is. As a result the children of Israel for the most part never really got to know the God of their salvation, and they wandered unnecessarily in the desert, circulating around the mountain.

God will have no other gods before Him, and that includes your challenging situation. Don’t circulate in your frustration, crying out to the LORD for His acts, while ignoring Him. Lay the challenge aside and go after Him with all you’ve got. Then watch Him show you Himself in all His glory. Watch Him lovingly impart more of Himself to you. You then gain in two ways – the Christ in you is enlarged and the wisdom of God in you gives you the peace, the understanding and the knowledge of how to handle any situation you are faced with.

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