Friday, June 12, 2009


“This again?!” Joseph growled as he looked down at the plate in front of him with utter disgust. “I’m tired of eating the same thing over and over again! Can’t we have something different for a change? How about some meat, some fish………anything but this plain old ….whatever-you-call-it! What is it anyway?” Angrily shoving the plate aside he stormed out, leaving his wife Abby to clean up the mess he left in his wake.

Abby sighed as she picked up the portions of the meal that had fallen on the floor, her eyes filling with tears. Joseph had been hanging around that crowd recently. She had overheard them complaining about the living conditions and how they wanted things to be like they were before. Now Joseph was speaking and acting just like them. She had never seen him behave like this before. He had always been so easy going, but now………

In the above excerpt Joseph and Abby could have been among the Israelites who had left Egypt and were traveling through the wilderness toward the Promised Land. It was a long and sometimes arduous trip, but all of their needs had been met. Their clothes had not worn out, and their shoes were still as sound as when they first had left Egypt. Yet as they drew nearer and nearer to the precious Promised Land, detractors among them began to complain about the manna that they had been eating every day, and they incited the Israelites to long for choicer and more delectable things.

The Body of Christ is in the same position as the Israelites were back then. We have been taken out of our “Egypt” and are on our way to the glory of the manifested promises of God. But until we arrive we must be willing to accept the “manna” that He provides in whatever form it comes, and creatively make the best use of it.

The manna of that time came suddenly and secretly during the night, just as the dew did. The Israelites only had to gather it in the morning and prepare their meals with it. As plain as it looked and maybe even tasted, it provided them with all the nutritional sustenance that they needed. There was not one sick among them. However, when they ate the meat that they had lusted after many of them died.

You and I have to make a choice. Will we see the miracle of God’s provision even in these tough economic times, or will we lust for things that we think will make us more comfortable? Will we be thankful or will we join the complainers and criticizers of today?

What form does your “manna” come in? Is it a job that provides you with a regular salary? Is it provision and support from family and friends? Is it a roof over your head? Is it the trustworthy clothing and shoes that have lasted for quite a while, even though they may not be “the latest” fashion statement?

If, like me, you realize that you have had a lustful or complaining attitude, no matter how temporary, please join me in asking for God’s forgiveness. He has been so faithful in providing for us. We are on our way to experiencing His promises to us. He is God and He does not lie! In the meantime, we may very well have to wear “this again”, eat “this again”, live in “this again”, ride in “this again” or do “this again”, but we must look at His provision with renewed gratitude and make sure that we mind our mannas.

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  1. This is great to see, woman of God! I am excited for you and I love "Mind Your Mannas" for it's content and title. Blessings from your friend and "seating" partner in Atlanta, Sharon Oliver.


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